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Seeking Therapy in Extraordinary Times

We all have been taking extreme precautions to safeguard ourselves from the highly infectious CoVid virus, and subsequently, infection rates have been dropping.  Governor Murphy has signed Executive Order No. 154 allowing massage therapy to resume as of Monday, June 22, 2020.


To minimize risks to both clients and therapists, ESM therapists will be wearing additional personal protection equipment (PPE) typical of all healthcare professionals.  Additional PPE includes a face mask, a face shield or eye protection, and disposable nitrile gloves.  Great care to clean and sanitize the office equipment, linens and environment has always been in practice and will continue.


Clients have the option of wearing or not any PPE they feel necessary to ease any anxiety about seeking massage therapy.  Massage has always been a great therapy to improve a body’s immune strength as well as ease stress in general.  We hope to see you soon and welcome the opportunity to provide this essential health service.



Ernie Ballester

Licensed Sports Massage Therapist

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