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Before Your Massage:

Download, Print, Complete and Sign the required Client Intake & Release Form (First Time Clients Only)

Shower just before your therapy (hygiene and grooming are important for overall health).


Advise your therapist of any particular issues which you would like addressed during your session.

Undress to your comfort level.  Clients are advised to keep their bottom underwear on throughout the massage.  Proper draping will be strictly maintained to protect personal privacy.  Wear loose clothing for Stretch Only sessions.

Turn off your Cell Phone

During Your Massage:

Inform your therapist of the pressure being applied.  It may be too light; or too deep to tolerate.  Your therapist is quite used to such feedback.  Don’t be shy.

Relax.  Your therapist will keep conversation to a minimum.

After Your Massage:

Feel free to give your therapist feedback about your experience.  It may be positive or negative.  Such feedback makes for a better experience during future sessions.

Drink Water.  Your therapist moved a lot of fluid within your body.  Water will help the body’s natural detoxification process.

Hip & Lower Back Stretching with Proper Draping

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